Patient Engagement 2.0

Compliance Verified.

Patient Centered.

Our Product

Simple Outcome Collection

Seamlessly prompted to answer simple health survey questions while the medication is being dispensing from the case

Biometric Verification

Ensure you are the only person taking your medication, with a biometric validation before treatment is released

Medication Sleeves

Allows for quick and simple refills for any drug combination. Knowing your med count allows us to automatically request a prepackaged refill directly to your home

Adherence Verification

Confirms the correct medication was dispensed directly into the patient's hand at the right time and under the right circumstances

Environment Sensing

We identify if the medication has been compromised through the environment via temperature, humidity or other means

Integrated Regimen

Know when you need to take your medication via our daily medication reminders so you never miss a dose, and feel better every day

Analyze Treatment

Doctors can see all their patients and their treatment, so they can change and predict your needs faster than ever

Real Time Communication

Communicate directly with your doctor to let them know about any issues you have. This ability is now right in the palm of your hands

Medication Distribution

Hold your medication on your phone, so it never leaves your side when you most need it. Now medications are one less thing to carry

Breathe Easy

Let us take the burden of remembering to take and reorder medication, easing one less stress in your busy life

Compliance Data

Studies show that approximatly 40% of patients are non-adherent by day 150 in a clinical trial

75% of adults are non-adherent in one or more ways

It is estimated to cost $100 billion annually

10% with an estimated cost of $15.2 billion

Poor adherence may contribute to antiviral resistance

1/3 of patients take all their medicine, 1/3 take some, 1/3 never have their prescription refilled

Who We Help


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    Collin Wolf

    Collin Wolf is a PharmD candidate from the University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy where he studies pharmacoeconomics and business in healthcare. Collin has direct experience working across the healthcare industry in specialty pharmacies, drug manufacturers, and biotech through his rotational program. Collin is experienced in analyzing early stage healthcare companies and ensures our products are built around the patient needs. Collin works along side Chris and Brian to work with new customers to help solve their compliance problems.

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    Chris Corsi

    Chris Corsi is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh with a B.S & M.S in Computer Science. He has experience creating technology startups and following the software development life cycle. Chris has a variety of experience when it comes to building and running early stage companies as he has started a handful himself and has also consulted for a variety of early stage tech companies. Specific to Cassian, Chris oversees all daily operations, works alongside both Collin and Brian to bring in potential new customers, and helps to push along software development for the Cassian Solutions Platforms.

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    Edwin Mellett

    Edwin Mellett is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. He is completing his graduate degree, Master of Information Systems Management, at Carnegie Mellon University. Edwin has experience working for Infosys & Yellow Brick App, building RESTful APIs, creating data models, and laying out the full software stack. Edwin oversees all of the frontend and backend development for the Cassian Solutions Platform.

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    Joe Corsi

    Joe Corsi is a graduate of the University of North Carolina with a degree in Architecture. He later returned back to school to receive his graduate degree in Advanced Architectural Design from Columbia University. Joe actively develops new iterations of Cassian Solution products as well as oversees all of the mechanical engineering that occurs within the company.

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    Ted Lewis

    Ted Lewis is pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Drexel University. Ted actively works on a variety of the Cassian Solution hardware solutions. In his spare time, Ted enjoys building 3d printers for personal use.